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WEi [Love Pt.3 : Eternally]

WEi [Love Pt.3 : Eternally]

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Item is a Pre-order and releases June 30th in Korea. Please allow 2-3 weeks till shipment to allow for holidays and delays.


Album Details

- SLEEVE COVER : 150*212mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- PHOTO BOOK : 150*210mm / 84P / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- HOLDER / CD-R : 150*210mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- LYRIC BOOK : 110*160mm / 8p / 1ea (Image varies by version)
- FILM PHOTO : 100*150mm / Random 1 out of 6 (Image varies by version)
- PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Random 2 out of 26 (Image varies by version)
- POSTER PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Random 1 out of 6 (Image varies by version)
- FIRST-PRESS ONLY POSTER : 728*515mm / 1ea (Image varies by version)
(Posters will be provided to match the first-press quantity, but it may not be provided on a 1:1 basis due to unforeseen circumstances)
- FIRST-PRESS ONLY POLAROID : Random 1 out of 50 (Same design in all versions)
(It will be randomly inserted in some of the first-press quantities and will not be included in all first-press albums.)


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