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Album is a pre-order and releases October 23rd. Please allow 2-3 weeks till shipment to allow for delays due to the holiday season.

📍Album Details

-Total 3 Versions
-OUTBOX : Each Version 1ea / W158 X H161 X D36 (mm)
-PHOTO BOOK : Each Version 1ea / W150 X H150 (mm) / 80 Pages
-LYRIC BOOK : Each Version 1ea / W876 X H146 (mm) / 12 Pages
-FESTIVAL WRISTBAND : Each Version 1ea / W251 X H19 (mm) *FIRST-PRESS ONLY
-PAPER ART KIT : Each Version 4-5ea / W149 X H149 (mm)
-STICKER : Each Version Random 1 out of 13 / W80 X H80 (mm)
-PHOTOCARD : Each Version Random 2 out of 26  / W55 X H85 (mm)
-MINI CARD : Each Version Random 1 out of 13 / W55 X H85 (mm)
- CD-R : Each Version 1ea
-FOLDED POSTER : Each Version 1ea / W438 X H292 (mm) *FIRST-PRESS ONLY


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