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SEVENTEEN [Al1] Rerelease

SEVENTEEN [Al1] Rerelease

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Releases July 26th in Korea. Please allow 2-3 weeks till shipment to allow for delays.


Album Details

- CD-R : Random 1 out of 13 (Individual Image) (Same design in all versions)
- Inside Page : 96p (Image varies by version)
- RANDOM PHOTOCARD : Random 1 out of 14 (Individual 13ea (Image varies by version) / Unit 1ea (Same design in all versions))
- POSTCARD : Random 1 out of 13 (Same design in all versions)
- STICKER : 1ea (Image varies by version)


Track List

1. Don't Wanna Cry (*TITLE)
2. Habit
3. IF I
4. Swimming Fool
5. MY I
6. Crazy in Love
7. WHO (*CD Only)
8. Check-In (Remastering) (*CD Only)

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