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NCT 127 [Fact Check] (QR Ver.)

NCT 127 [Fact Check] (QR Ver.)

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Item is a pre-order and releases October 6th. Please allow 2-3+ weeks till shipment to allow for holiday delays.


Album Details

- Cover : 1ea / 62*90mm

* Will be Updated


💿Track List

01. Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) *Title
02. 무중력 (Space)
03. Parade (행진)
04. Angel Eyes
05. Yacht
06. Je Ne Sais Quoi
07. 별의 시 (Love is a beauty)
08. 소나기 (Misty)
09. Real Life


Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We would like to inform you regarding album configuration for NCT 127 5th Album 'Fact Check', scheduled for release on October 6th.

As member TAEIL could not participate in the QR version of this album, images of only 8 members will be included. You can find images of TAEIL in all other versions aside from the QR version.
Despite our best efforts to think of ways to include TAEIL, we have found no other ways due to manufacturing difficulties. Thus, we ask for your kind understanding regarding this matter.

Thank you.

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