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Jung Kook [GOLDEN] (Weverse Albums ver.)

Jung Kook [GOLDEN] (Weverse Albums ver.)

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Album is a pre-order and releases November 3rd. Please allow 2-3 weeks till shipment to allow for delays due to the holiday season.

📍Album Details

- Total 1 Version
- Bookcase: W132 x H92 x T10 (mm)
- Photobook: W130 x H90 (mm) / 56p
- QR Card: W83 x H123 (mm)
- User Guide: W83 x H123 (mm)
- Postcard: Random 1 out of 3 / W83 x H123 (mm)
- Photocard: Random 1 out of 2 / W55 x H85 (mm)
- Contents Envelope: W130 x H90 (mm)


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