Are these actual Makestar Benefits?

Yes! We are partnered with Makestar and are able to offer these with pre-ordered albums done before the end date. You can still order, but benefits are not guaranteed.

Do you get into Fansigns/Fancalls?

We do not! With our agreement, we can not join Fancalls, Fansigns, PR events, etc.

Why is there a pre-order end date?

We still have a time frame to order to recieve benefits, so we can only guarantee benefits beforehand unless we have extras.

Will you only be doing pre-orders/new releases?

No. As we grow, we want to offer older albums. If you have a request, you can use our contact form of let us know on any of our social media platforms!

Some albums come with posters. Do you include them?

Most likely no. If it's folded in the album, yes. If it's rolled, no. Because we do a large volume of albums and these come from Korea, we can not offer external posters.

I'm looking for [insert artist/album]!

Let us know on our contact form or any of our social media! The more that we get inquiries for artists and albums, the more likely we will offer it! We want to provide YOU with the best service we can offer!

I'm a GOM and have a few questions/concerns.

We love GOMs! Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you as best as we can. 


updated June 12th 2022